Prof. Belma Baskett – Honorary President

“When we become more fully aware that our success is due in large measure to the loyalty, helpfulness and encouragement we have received from others, our desire grows to pass on similar gifts. Gratitude spurs us on to prove ourselves worthy of what others have done for us. The spirit of gratitude is a powerful energizer.” (Wilfred A. Peterson)

Mother of Isclt

When Gordon Bennett, the Father of ISCLT, died in 1994, we thought ISCLT would die with him. But we did not know what Belma Baskett was capable of. She rescued our International Society from oblivion and became the Mother of ISCLT. Gordon had maintained ISCLT for almost twenty years; Belma has now maintained it for over twenty years, and she is passing it on to a third Founding Member, Marina Catalano-Mc Vey. Thus ISCLT is reborn for the second time, and long may it flourish! Thanks, Belma, and good luck, Marina, from a longtime member who cherishes all the memories. 

  Prof. William Pratt

Prof. Belma Otus-Baskett has been a very efficient Executive Secretary for 23 years! A record. Energetic, careful to all details,
devoted to the wonderful idea that ISCLT embodies. ISCLT has been “your child”, Belma, as much as it was for Prof. Gordon Bennet, the founder, and those other friends who started it all.

Dr. Marina Catalano-Mc Vey

Dr. Marina Catalano-Mc Vey

July 2018