The founder, Prof. Gordon Bennett- 1975 -


Before the Fellows of Salzburg Seminar 148 – Contemporary American Literature, July 1973 – left Schloss Leopoldskron the spirit of reunion was alive. A small two-week conference, at Arundel, Sussex, during August 1974 featured a dozen papers, dramatic performances and readings, excursions, and exotic cuisine. Some randomly-invited Fellows of the 1972 and 1974 Salzburg theatre groups joined the 1973 Fellows in Florence, where, at the end of two weeks of by now traditional activities, thirty-four people, including spouses, decided to form the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE AND THEATRE (ISCLT), which was officially founded in 1975.

The 1976 conference at Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland, broke new ground with an overall theme (‘Alienation’), an extended excursion to the Edinburgh Festival, and the appointment of Professors Denis Donoghue, Richard Ellman, Martin Esslin, Sergio Perosa and Tamas Ungvary as advisors (now ISCLT’s ‘FOUNDING BOARD OF ADVISORS’). 

Executive Secretary: Dr. Marina Catalano-Mc Vey